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„I am a professional freeskier and passionate surfer and I love the challenge of capturing all this through my own eyes and my camera. I love nature, the mountains and the ocean. I am always on the search for new adventures and places to go and the best thing about it all, is to share it with like minded people and friends.“


I grew up in the south of Germany and my parents taught me to ski at the age of 2. I went through all kinds of disciplines in skiing. First alpine racing, then Freeriding, then Freestyle skiing while studying in Innsbruck.

After a couple of years in Innsbruck I competed on an international level in Slopestlye competitions. After two serious knee injuries seeing me miss the Olympics I was forced to think about different opportunities in skiing and thankfully I am now doing what I love the most – chasing the best snow in the world producing inspirational documentary style ski movies.

Combining my big mountain and backcountry skiing with outdoor adventures,  snow camping, cold water surfing, ski touring and on the other side of the lens, exploring my passion for photography on my travels to the most remote and wild places on earth. While creating ski action and lifestyle content for my sponsors like Roxy, I always take the chance to go and explore and shoot landscapes and wildlife. It brings me calmness and focus when I am in nature and am able to be creative trying and capture what I see through my eyes.

I am also a state approved ski teacher and part of the “DSV Bundeslehrteam”. When I am home I find time to share my special knowledge of the freestyle world to upcoming ski teachers and instructors who want to explore this discipline of skiing.


Best Moments of my Career

In competition my biggest accomplishment in Slopestyle competition was competing at the X Games in Tignes 2010 finishing with a 5th place.

My work of which I’m most proud is the movies I have already produced together with Aline Bock – “WAY NORTH“ and “WAY EAST“.

Producing films of this scale confronted us with a lot of new challenges and I leant and enormous amount organizing these projects.

The travels for those movies took us far north and also far east combining our two passions for the mountains and the ocean, for skiing and surfing as well as simultaneously looking behind the scenes of the countries we travel to.

My latest project “Kamui Mintara“, a short movie about my skiing in Japan last year, shows exactly how I love skiing the most. In powder and in remote and wild mountains hiking and ski touring. That’s where I feel like me. Where I feel like I can move mountains.

In the summers, surfing quickly became my second passion. As much as I love the winter I also deeply embrace spring, summer and fall and the changing of the seasons as it always makes me even more excited about the season upcoming. It’s the same with skiing and surfing. Surfing is a passion and a hobby for me and recharges my batteries after the winter season. And it makes me even more excited for skiing when the leaves turn colourful and it’s time to swap the boards for skis again.